Experts weigh in on how to stop hair loss

Wednesday, October 24, 2018
Whether it's because of genetics, lifestyle or age, it's fairly inevitable that most of us will experience thinning hair and hair loss.

If only we could put a freeze on our follicles! At Han's Beauty Store, stylists say thinning hair is the chief client complaint.

Owner Michelle Han says she hears this all the time: "I have thinning. I'm losing hair. What can you do for me?"

Like a hair loss psychologist, Han tries to analyze the problem. "It could be post pregnancy. Or it could be stress," she said.

In fact, stress management is the first thing dermatologist Shirley Chi recommends. And while the root cause may be in your head, she says how you care for your hair makes a huge difference. Start with a hairbrush that has boar bristles.

"They tangle your hair less. They pull on your hair less, and so they don't pull as many hairs out," Chi explained.

For women, studies show prenatal vitamins may boost follicle growth. Food or plant-based supplements are more easily absorbed.

Chi also believes in the supplement Biotin. She advises taking 5 grams daily, but says be patient.

"If you do that every day, you're going to need to give it three months before you see results," she said.

And research shows eating an apple and an onion can help, too. Both foods are said to contain properties like anti-oxidants that encourage hair growth.

Experts remind us that protein is the building block of hair.

"If you're vegan or vegetarian, you may have a harder time growing your hair back, because really the animal proteins are better," Chi said.

And another expert tip to fuel your follicles: Try to avoid putting things like gel or mousse on your scalp. Try to limit oily hair products and just put them on the ends of your hair.

"You should just use a volumizer, and that's about it. Blow it out," said Chi.

While some hair products may claim to re-grow hair, what really matters, says Chi, is how often you shampoo.

"Try not to wash your hair everyday." Chi said. "Try to do it every second or third day, to prevent pulling of the hair."

The bottom line: Lower your stress and love the locks you have.
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