'Mistresses' actress Jes Macallan talks sexy

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'Mistresses' actress Jes Macallan shares her take on what the show really has to offer primetime viewers. (KABC)

Actress Jes Macallan is enjoying another summer as one of primetime's "Mistresses." With the second season well underway, Macallan is pretty upfront about what her show has to offer.

"You have to have the sex or you lose the audience. People get bored," Macallan said.

The stars of "Mistresses" provide a little guilty pleasure in primetime. The sexy summer series aims to offer a little sizzle and sometimes very little clothing.

"It's funny when you go into your trailer and there's just like a nude cloth," Macallan said.

Despite the title, "Mistresses" has a lot of heart.

"We have female executive producers and writers and males as well, but I really think they put a lot of thought into making sure that women can relate," Macallan said.

But it's also just about having fun.

"We're not curing cancer, but we're hoping that we can put some laughs and some chuckles in and have people kind of having some feelings," Macallan said. "It's entertainment."

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