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102-year-old couple to celebrate 80th wedding anniversary

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Vern and Gene Baxter, both 102, will celebrate their 80th wedding anniversary in 2016.

It's a milestone only reached by a rare few, as a husband and wife will celebrate their 80th wedding anniversary in 2016.

Vern and Gene Baxter have spent decade's worth of Valentine's Days together in Iowa. Even after all these years, the couple remembers the day they met like it was yesterday.

At the time, Gene was working in an auto garage.

"My youngest brother said, 'You should have been here. A girl brought in a Ford pickup. Slickest chick you'd ever seen. Sexy-looking,' he said," Gene recalled.

Gene later found Vern nearby. That was in January. By August, the couple had tied the knot.

"She just hung right onto me. She met me on the 17th of January, and boy she got me married the 22nd of August," Gene joked.

Gene and Vern have three children, and after all these years, the couple is still going strong despite admitting a little nitpicking here and there.

"I don't like his haircut sometimes," Vern quipped.

But after nearly eight decades of love, the couple said they couldn't ask for anything more.
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