AKTread takes treadmill training beyond walking and running

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Anna Kaiser created a workout that offers strength, flexibility and cardio on a treadmill that moves beyond walk or running.

Celebrity trainer Anna Kaiser designed a program called AKTread, a 60 to 80-minute workout with no walking or running required.

"There's a treadmill everywhere, and I love this machine because you can do so many things on it," said Kaiser.

The program was developed for a client six years ago who wanted to lose weight and get in shape, but had little knee cartilage left.

"She lost a ton of weight, and she was so much happier, and she got an extra five years out of her knees," said Kaiser.

The belt acts as a mat. The treadmill handles for assisting strength and flexibility moves, targeting all areas of the body.

"Side planking on the treadmill, doing chest pulls on the treadmill, mountain climbers, weights, inside planks. Tons of options," said Kaiser.

Bodywork training with the belt off is certainly worth a try. But when you're ready to hop, skip, slide or do other fancy work, a tutorial is a must.

"You want to take it slow. It's kind of like a video game. The better you get at it, the harder it becomes, and the more you can push yourself," said Kaiser.

"Mountain climbers, you can shuffle side to side, run backwards, kick your feet up. Use the handlebars to cushion your jumps so it stays low impact," suggested Kaiser.

She offers a beginning workout for $14 that you download to your phone or tablet. She's also got a streaming subscription when you want to step it up a bit.

It makes working out on a treadmill so much more fun. It gets your heart rate up, even more than running, using more glute than quad.

The band OK Go might have got us going in 2007, but Kaiser's 2016 version offers fitness for all workout levels.

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