Man impersonating Orange County deputy attempts to steal credit card information, officials say

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Officials said a suspect posed as an investigator with the Orange County Sheriff's Department in an attempt to gain access to personal information.

A man acting as an investigator with the Orange County Sheriff's Department attempted to gain access to credit card and personal information, officials stated.

The man approached 31-year-old Eric Decker's Stanton apartment before 11 a.m. on Wednesday. Decker said he acted authoritative and persistent.

"He was investigating a credit and ID theft and asked me if I was Eric Decker. I said, 'Yes I was,'" Decker recalled.

At first, Decker said the man claimed to be an investigator and flashed a star-shaped badge. He then asked Decker for his credit card and pulled out a credit card reading device.

"When I questioned him about that and asked for ID from the law enforcement agency he said he was from, he said he didn't have to show me that," Decker said.

The suspect then changed his story, stating he was a fraud investigator for an appliance company, but again he refused to show his ID, according to Decker.

"That's not something a company is going to do, nor anyone from the sheriff's department," Lt. Mark Stichter with the Orange County Sheriff's Department said. "You should never give anyone your credit card or your personal information."

Decker did not provide any personal information to the man in his doorway, but his brother snapped pictures of him and called the sheriff's department.

Investigators were attempting to identify the man and urged other residents to be cautious. They warned to not open the door if the person knocking is a stranger, and said you should always ask to see an ID.

"Look through the front door, do you recognize this person?" asked Stichter. "If need be, talk to them through the front door. Don't open the front door."

Officials said to not be afraid to call the person's company office or the agency they claim they are working for to double-check who they are and why they're at your door.

If you recognized the suspect or had any information that could aid detectives in their investigation, you were urged to call Investigator Matt Miller at (714) 889-7866 Ext. 241.

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