VIDEO: Woman pulls gun on bikers in road rage incident

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Video captured a woman appearing to pull a gun on a group of motorcycle riders during a road rage incident in Florida.

Fists flew on a Florida freeway and a road rage incident apexes as a woman pulled a gun on a group of bikers.

The chaotic scene was all caught on camera near Tampa Bay, Florida. A group of motorcycle riders appeared to be speeding along the roadway when a BMW changed lanes without signaling, nearly hitting one of the riders.

In the video, the motorcycle rider appeared to hit the BMW with his fist as he passed and took off.

But the driver of the BMW pursued the group of bikers and confronted them at a stop light.

The driver stepped out of the BMW and demanded that the riders stay put. He then stood in front of a motorcycle and refused to move.

That's when another rider came up and pushed the driver of the BMW. The bikers then appeared to strike the man in the face, causing him to fall to the ground.

A woman exited the passenger side of the BMW pointing a gun and screaming at the riders. The bikers then appeared to ride off.

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