Local chef offers tips to make the best burgers at home

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The Stand restaurants pride themselves on their burgers. A local chef offers tips to make the best burgers at home. (KABC)

The Stand restaurants feature all kinds of food, but they pride themselves on their burgers.

"We have a foot in the classics and a foot toward 'foodier' food," said Jason Wishengrad, the culinary director for The Stand.

Wishengrad says they have 10 different burger offerings made from beef, turkey or even their house-made veggie burger that has 10 different vegetables and seems to offer a good amount of your produce for the day.

It doesn't really matter what type of burger you make. Probably the most important rule is make sure you build your burger with a host of taste and textures.

"If you have something that's incredibly juicy, we may put something crunchy or crispy onion on top. And that texture difference makes for an insanely good burger," said Wishengrad.

Some of their ideas: Grilled onions, garlic mushrooms, bacon, braised short rib, chili or even bacon tomato jam.

Guacamole to chipotle chili aioli, he offers this tip: "If you're going to sauce anything for the burger, always get it on the bun," he reminded -- to keep it from sliding off.

Wishengrad suggests using a "mold" to make your patties look pro. He bakes then grills his veggie burger, adding extras like five spice roasted butternut squash then apple and red onion slaw.

When it comes to grilling the burger, keep these ideas in mind.

First up, don't over pack the patty. You want some space to accommodate juicy goodness.

Place on a 500-degree grill and remember: "We only flip once. We do one half turn and one flip and that's it. The more you flip, the more juice you're losing," he cautioned.

Put a little dimple on the top to flatten out perfectly to hold toppings. A cover with a splash of water creates steam to melt cheese.

Finally, don't forget to grill the bun with a bit of butter to seal in freshness and add crunch.

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