Man shot with bow and arrow, leaves blood trail in Lancaster

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A man left behind a trail of blood nearly a mile long after being shot with a bow and arrow in Lancaster.

A man died Saturday after being shot with a bow and arrow and leaving behind a trail of blood nearly a mile long in Lancaster.

Authorities say the victim was shot with the bow and arrow after getting into a fight with another man inside a home on the 43000 block of 27th Street West.

The victim was rushed to a hospital after collapsing on the street, but he did not survive his injuries.

Neighbor Maragarita Quintero said she heard a man screaming before her neighbor pounded on her door around 3 a.m.

"He begged me, 'please call 911, I shot somebody,'" she said. "He was scared."

Police said the altercation spilled out to the street. Investigators found numerous blood stains near the house.

"The victim and the suspect continued fighting outside, wherein the suspect then retrieved a bow and arrow from somewhere within the house, and came back out and shot the victim with the bow and arrow," Sgt. Sandra Nava with the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department said.

Authorities said after he was shot, the man ran two blocks before he collapsed.

Garrett Adams, 23, was taken into custody at the scene. Authorities said he had been arguing with his girlfriend when the victim, a friend of Adams' brother, arrived at the residence and tried to intervene.

Neighbors said the suspect, his girlfriend and brother had only lived in the home for about six months.

"I was shocked because he's a nice neighbor, he's a very good person. Something went wrong but he's a good person," Quintero said.

Residents were shocked when they heard about the weapon used in the shooting.

"I guess he got shot with a bow and arrow. That's pretty crazy. I think they're using anything and everything now," said neighbor Dennis Enriquez.

Authorities haven't released any information about a motive for the crime. Adams is being held in custody on $1 million bail.

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