Protesters gather in Murrieta again; no buses in sight

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Protesters again gathered in Murrieta on Monday over the anticipated arrival of more buses carrying undocumented immigrants.

Protesters on both sides of the immigration debate gathered again in Murrieta on Monday over the anticipated arrival of more buses carrying undocumented immigrants.

The buses departed Lindbergh Field in San Diego County at about 11 a.m. and headed southbound on the 5 Freeway. When news came that the buses went to Chula Vista, many protesters viewed it as yet another victory.

"I think they're not bringing them here because we're taking a stand," said Vicki Doran of Murrieta. "They saw this stand that we were taking. I think they knew that it could turn ugly. We hope not, because we don't want that."

The issue has been ongoing since July 1, when crowds forced buses full of families and children to be diverted to another location. Buses were expected again on Fourth of July, but they never arrived. Monday was the third day that buses were expected.

Authorities are trying to deal with tens of thousands of immigrants who have flooded across the U.S. border through the Rio Grande Valley. Many of the immigrants are children.

In all, there were close to 200 protesters outside the Border Patrol facility in Murrieta, most of them opposed to processing the undocumented immigrants there.

"The American people have a right to be angry because they see all of this that's taking place," said James Bacas of Redlands. "This is an expression of anger."

About 15 people showed up to support the immigrants early in the day, but that number grew by 4 p.m.

"It's a question of humanity. It's like people are willing to trade their humanity for patriotism," said Ollin Kin of Orange. "These are human beings."

If the government sticks with its original time frame, buses might arrive in Murrieta on Thursday. But the government is not confirming when the next set could arrive.

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