Watch as this puppy grows up before your eyes in heartwarming video


Dave Meinert was told that his rescue puppy Pegasus would grow up deaf and blind. But that hasn't stopped the South African filmmaker from making every day with his dog count.

Meinert created a timelapse video titled "The Pegasus Project," capturing his rescue dog walking on a treadmill growing up day-by-day over the course of six months.

"When I rescued Pegasus, I was told she wouldn't live too long so I set about filming her every day," Meinert said. "This is an uplifting time-lapse filmed over six months about the life of my Great Dane puppy."

"I still don't know how long she is going to live," Meinert said in the video. "But right now it's going pretty great."

Meinert said in the video that he eventually had to leave Pegasus with a foster home because of his travel and busy work schedule. But the filmmaker said he is still grateful for the time he shared with the dog.

"I am lucky that I get to visit and take her for short periods, and maybe that's why in my heart she's still with me. It was obvious that her new set up with incredible love, a bigger garden and a new best friend in Luna, another Great Dane was more than I could offer," Meinert said.

"If the dog is happier, do you forsake your happiness? I think yes. If a dog is negligently bred, should it be killed to prevent more negligent breeding? I think no. Who's knows. In the end we try our best and our pets teach us incredible lessons."
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