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Father's Day always begs the question - what gift should I get for dad? Check out some new gadgets that dad would probably love. (KABC)

Father's Day always begs the question - what gift should I get for dad? Check out some new gadgets that dad would probably love.

Pronto Peel - $49.99
Product source: http://getpronto.com
Description: I somehow seem to lose every remote I own. However, I never lose my cell phone. The Pronto Peel turns my cell into a universal remote, which means now I can go ahead and lose all the remote controls I want.

Silencer golf bag - $229.99
Product source: http://ogio.com/golf/silencer
Description: My handicap is...golf. One of my biggest golf pet peeves is "club clank". The Silencer golf bag by Ogio is the cure for "club clank". It keeps your clubs separated so they don't bang together, saving your clubs wear and tear. However, if you play like me, unfortunately it won't save your golf game.

Optishot Two - $399.95
Product source: http://www.optishotgolf.com
Description: 18 holes of golf takes a long time, time that could be spent doing other things... Like napping. The Optishot Two is portable (fits in a backpack) and with it 18 holes only takes an hour to play. So, I can bring it to my friends house, play a day's worth of golf...and then take a nap on his couch.

iGrill Mini - $39.95
Product Source: http://store.idevicesinc.com/igrill-mini
Description: I'm a microwave dinner kind a guy, so I appreciate something that can tell me when my food is burning. The iGrill Mini uses a Bluetooth thermometer to measure the temperature of your meat on the grill while you go hang inside the house with the family. It alerts you through its app when your food is done. Then again, you could always just nuke a hungry man dinner.

SmartPlane - $47.99
Product Source: https://www.touchofmodern.com/sales/smartplane-by-tobyrich-12ddbd52-6109-4bd8-a3dc-62c9dbe6b6ba/smartplane
Description: If you know me, then you know I have a hard time just driving on the highway...well, on any street really. However, you don't have to worry about your driving skills with the SmartPlane. You actually control it with an app on your iPhone. Plus it's constructed very durably, so if you do drive like me then you don't have to worry about getting smart plane insurance.

Glass Touch Keyboard - $159.99
Product Source: https://www.touchofmodern.com/sales/bastron-1f4fca7b-7f26-4d76-a68f-2928050e1bd2/glass-touch-smart-keyboard
Description: I may know tech, but my style could use some help. The Glass Touch Keyboard definitely adds a cool flare to your techie style. It plugs in via USB and has bright blue illuminated keys. Your computer, at least, will be sure to turn heads.

SMFX // Smart Bulb - $39.99
Product Source: https://www.touchofmodern.com/sales/smfx-cf871964-95e1-421d-916f-7910427d5876/smfx-smart-bulb
Description: Sometimes I like to wake up thinking I'm in a club. Not really, but if you do, then the SMFX Smart Bulb can make that happen. Actually, it'll shine any color you want, and comes with pre-programmed combinations, like fades, strobe...it even changes color to the beat of your music. Kind of like a club, cool!

Power Pen - $38.39
Product Source: http://www.coolthings.com/power-pen/
Description: I love writing; and I love when my cellphone is charged. Perfect! The Power Pen takes care of both those things at once. And it's a good-looking pen too, which never hurts.

Tool Dots - $10.36
Product Source: http://www.coolthings.com/tool-dots/
Description: I'm not the biggest guy out there, but I feel like I'm stronger than people give me credit for. So I empathize with these little, but strong, Tool Dots. They use self-adhesive backing and if one doesn't do the job, then just add more until your hammer stays up. That's showing 'em!

Bluetooth Beanie - $27.99
Product Source: http://www.coolthings.com/hands-free-bluetooth-beanie/
Description: I'm a music lover, but it's hard to get that full quality of sound on cold nights when I'm wearing a beanie underneath my headphones. Well, it seems someone read my mind (through my beanie). The Hands-Free Bluetooth Beanie has a small control panel for your tunes on the side that looks like a label. With six hours of battery life, you could listen to music all day and be done shoveling your driveway before you know it.
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