'Frozen' Broadway musical brings wintry magic to Hollywood

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. -- Broadway hits Hollywood as the historic Pantages Theatre is now home to Disney's "Frozen" musical. The live spectacle brings everything audiences love about the original movie and more to the stage. With new songs, elaborate sets and incredible performances, the audience is sure to leave the theater with chills.

"The show will wow you," Caroline Bowman, who plays Elsa, promised.

Caroline Innerbichler portrays Anna in the traveling show and says that while the musical maintains everything audiences loved about the film, the live show is "a more human version of the storyline."

"You're immersed in it in the theater," the man behind Kristoff, Mason Reeves, said. "It's different when you really see the scale of something."

Even if you've seen the Disney film 100 times, it's still worth your while to attend the live show just to see all the surprises the cast has up their sleeves. In addition to bringing the show to life, the show has something exclusive to audiences seeing it on tour: a brand new song.

"It's a really lovely opportunity for the two sisters to sing an entire song together," Innerbichler said of her powerful duet alongside Bowman.

Large-scale production aside, the show would not be complete without a special frosty fan-favorite character. The cartoon snowman melted hearts everywhere with his famous song "In Summer," but now F. Michael Haynie gets to bring Olaf to life onstage.

Haynie joked that he was indeed the star of the show: "Olaf is one of the few elements that [brings] some of the cartoon life into this very real, very exciting theatrical world."

The Broadway musical brings to the stage all the love and adventure present in the 2013 film. However, this isn't just a show for little kids. Rather, the live spectacle tells the coming-of-age story in a much more realistic manner.

Disney's "Frozen" Broadway musical is playing at the Pantages Theatre through Feb 2. For more information and tour dates, visit the show's website.

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