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Norwalk mystery animal identified as family dog

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A mystery animal that was caught on surveillance video in Norwalk may have been identified!

A mystery animal that was caught on surveillance video prowling the streets of Norwalk may have been identified!

A family came forward Wednesday afternoon, notifying the city that the animal many mistook as a mountain lion is their Pitbull named Buddy. City staff went out to view the dog, but could not confirm it was the same animal.

"It got out at the same time as you guys said it was," dog owner Brandon Mriz said.

Last week, a high tech firm from Silicon Valley took a look at the surveillance video and enhanced it hoping to get conclusive evidence. But the clearer picture didn't shed any more clues.

Two local surveillance companies staged a recreation of the original video with Buddy, then gave their analysis.

"Buddy is the lion," said Matthew Adling with Hudson Investigations. "Based on when I saw the dog size, chest, the head, it's the dog."

The mystery animal was identified as a family's Pitbull named Buddy.

Still, not everyone's convinced.

"It was a cat and this is a dog. It's way different than the animal." neighbor Wendy Montoya said.

As far as the city is concerned, however, it's case closed.

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