Photos of a hunky Target cashier spark Twitter sensation

(ABC News; auscalum/Twitter)

The internet will go crazy for just about anything these days. A recent photo of a young, male Target employee posted to Twitter has become a viral sensation that has teenage girls from around the world in uproar: asking who he is, where does he work, and if he is single.

Twitter user auscalum, a young woman, posted the photo of "Alex" as he bagged items at the Target checkout on November 2, immediately spawning a new fanbase of the employee and soon a new hashtag, #AlexfromTarget. Thousands of women, mostly teens, have been clamoring for more photos of Alex, believing him to be unnaturally attractive for a retail worker.

Eventually a person claiming to be Alex emerged as Twitter user acl167, posting new photos, asking for fans to follow his account and favorite his posts in exchange for a direct message from the internet famous bag-boy.

Many liken the viral sensation of "Alex from Target" to "Jake from State Farm," inspired by the recent State Farm commercials, and one person has already put together the accessories required for an Alex from Target costume. Jake also happened to be a pretty popular Halloween costume this year, but bears little resemblance to the young Alex.

Within less than a day of Alex's newly gifted stardom, he's already amassed over 340 thousand followers, an unofficial Tumblr account, and even some disturbing fan-fiction.

Target responded to the trending story via Twitter with much affection, saying "We heart Alex, too!"

Alex from Target, however, says he is getting buried with the attention. After releasing his Kik username to some of his fans, he posted this Vine video showing hundreds of new chat requests.

Does Alex deserve all this attention, or not? Let us know in the comments below.

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