Pride art installation in West Hollywood features historic changemakers

An arts festival in West Hollywood is running now until the end of June to celebrate Pride Month.
WEST HOLLYWOOD (KABC) -- As Pride Month begins, artist Ruben Esparza wants to help guide the conversation.

Esparza's installation at the One City One Pride arts festival in West Hollywood is called Pride Publics: Words and Actions.

"Our communities are very diverse, we come in every shape and size and in every color," said Esparza.

The black and white posters showcase activists and changemakers in the LGBTQ+ community.

"What makes them changemakers is that they're out, they're loud, and they're queer," he said.

Esparza wanted to showcase a mix of changemakers.

He said hearing from others allows people to learn history and to also be introduced to those who are making a name for themselves today.

The installation is in collaboration with the One Archives Foundation.

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