PHOTOS: New 'Immersive Van Gogh' Exhibit Comes to Los Angeles in July

ByLeenika Belfield-Martin via KABC logo
Tuesday, June 22, 2021

HOLLYWOOD (KABC) -- The highly anticipated "Immersive Van Gogh Experience" is coming to Los Angeles and set to open July 31. Visitors will get to see Vincent Van Gogh's works in a new, extra-ordinary light through state-of-the-art technology, dramatic storytelling, and world-class animation. Hundreds of the post-Impressionist artist's pieces will be on display in the hour-long experience.

"What makes Immersive Van Gogh so unique and original is that his work surrounds us. For hundreds of years, people would go to art galleries and gaze at works hanging in frames on the wall but the museum envelopes us and frees us to bring our lives and experiences into this new form of creation," said actress Lily Collins during a sneak peek into the exhibit.

Lighthouse Immersive and Impact Museums teamed up to bring the art attraction into the former Amoeba Music Building. Both the current and former venue owners are excited to for a new chapter in the buildings iconic cultural history.

"While Amoeba has since moved locations, their former location will now become an arts and culture center in the heart of Los Angeles featuring a variety of different immersive experiences," said Diana Rayzman, Co-Producer and Co-Founder of Impact Museums.

It has gotten rave reviews at its various locations across the country, and has sold over half a million tickets collectively. Don't miss out! Tickets are on sale now at