Santa Clarita man recently evacuated with wife from cruise ship in Japan confirms he has coronavirus

OMAHA, Neb. (KABC) -- The Santa Clarita man who was recently evacuated with his wife from a coronavirus-stricken ship in Japan has confirmed he has the deadly virus.

Carl Goldman says although he has the virus, he is not in critical condition as previously reported.

Goldman and his wife Jeri Seratt-Goldman are in separate hospitals in Nebraska.

Coronavirus: Santa Clarita man falls ill while returning to CA with wife after being quarantined on cruise ship in Japan
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A couple from Santa Clarita who was on a coronavirus-stricken cruise ship in Japan were diverted from California to Nebraska after the husband became ill, officials say.

The couple went to Nebraska after Goldman became ill and came down with a fever two hours into a flight to Travis Air Force Base in Northern California.

They were among some 380 Americans who boarded a flight Sunday from Tokyo, where the passengers were quarantined on the Diamond Princess for nearly two weeks.

Among the passengers, 14 tested positive for coronavirus but were allowed to board the flight because they had no symptoms.

Goldman says he feels a little lethargic but is otherwise fine since his fever broke.

He says his wife has tested negative for the virus.

They both will spend the next two weeks in isolation separately.
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