Young filmmakers use iPhones in separate locations to make 'A Covid-19 Love Story'

Two filmmakers were inspired by the loneliness of COVID-19 isolation to create a short film about reaching out and caring for one another.
LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- We know in these uncertain times, people are struggling not just financially but emotionally. So some budding young filmmakers created something to address that.

It's a serious topic, with a positive spin.

The result is their short film: "A Covid-19 Love Story."

Matthew Law and Grasie Mercedes are friends who met in their acting academy. During this pandemic, they decided to make something that mattered.

"A Covid-19 Love Story" is about a guy ready to end it all. Law has several friends who've had suicidal thoughts, so this project was personal.

"Check in with your loved ones and also if you see somebody that needs help, be a listening ear, and be there for them," said Law.

In the short, his character is making one last call on FaceTime to his brother.

But he misdials. The call becomes his lifeline.

"This came because Grasie said, 'I want to tell a love story.' And we built Lego blocks to put it all together," said Law.

"We're both actors. We're both writers. We're both directors. I love producing. Matt's a great editor. So together, we get to make stuff," said Mercedes.

They shot their short on iPhones in separate locations. They put the finished film on their Instagram pages. And it struck a chord.

"I've been getting a ton of beautiful messages from people talking about mental health but also a lot of people are like 'Where's the sequel? I want to know what happens to them next!'" said Mercedes.

They don't know if there is a next for this project.

But here's a suggestion for them - and others like them. The Burbank International Film Festival has announced a new category: Films Made from Home.
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