Local teen helping the homeless with care packages from her nonprofit, Bundles of Kindness

Rachael Rosenberg was inspired to do something after she saw a person in need. But she went way beyond helping just one person - she started a nonprofit organization, called Bundles of Kindness.

Clothing to stay warm, some snacks to fill an empty stomach, soap and toothpaste to stay clean - these are just some of the things volunteers pack into the care packages for Bundles of Kindness.

"We have sleeping mats, umbrellas, food vouchers, drink vouchers - and hair cut vouchers," Rachael, 13, described.

Bundles of Kindness was Rachel's Bat Mitzvah project. Like a lot of people, she's seen the toll homelessness is taking in our communities, and she wanted to do more than just hand over some spare change.

"Sometimes, when we exited the freeway I would see a homeless person," she said. "I just wanted to give them a bigger package that would help them and last."

That bigger package has turned into a big charity, with dozens of companies now helping out. A steady stream of donations are pouring in.

"You never know what will be at the front door. It could be a thousand pairs of socks!" said Rachael's mom, Deborah Rosenberg.

Deborah couldn't be any prouder of her daughter. And Rachael is proud too, especially when the supplies get where they need to go.

"I'm excited to deliver these bags of kindness and put a smile on a face," Rachael said.

And delivering supplies and smiles to those who need it is why Rachael Rosenberg is this week's Cool Kid.
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