10 most popular stories on ABC7.com in 2015

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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- An angry mom smacking her son for throwing rocks at Baltimore police, a cat that beat the odds after being buried alive and a 90-car pileup in Michigan were just some of the top stories on ABC7.com in 2015. Below is a list of the most read stories on ABC7.com this year:

10. Woman buying dress online explains struggle of online shopping


A woman posted photos of herself wearing a dress she purchased online - though the garment wasn't exactly as advertised. The photos, which captures the pitfalls of online shopping, quickly went viral. Read the full story.

9. Young boys asked to slap a girl in social experiment


In a social experiment exploring violence against women, young boys in Italy were asked to slap a girl. When asked to stroke the girl's cheek or make funny faces at her, the boys obeyed. But when they boys were asked to slap her, they appeared surprised and confused and eventually refused to comply. An Italian media company created the video to show how both violence and pacifism can be taught at an early age. Read the full story.

8. 90-vehicle pileup on I-94 in Michigan kills 1

One person was killed and 16 others were hospitalized in a crash involving as many as 90 vehicles on both sides of Interstate 94 in southwestern Michigan. One of the trucks involved in the massive wreck was hauling fireworks. Read the full story.

7. Adam Levine meets up with 10-year-old fan with Down syndrome

Christopher Warner, a 10-year-old with Down syndrome, laying next to Adam Levine from Maroon 5.
Hot 99.5

Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine met up with a devoted young fan who has Down syndrome. A Washington, D.C.-area radio station gave 10-year-old Christopher Warner tickets to the band's show with backstage access. Christopher was a bit overwhelmed when he met his favorite band and crouched on the floor behind his mom. To help comfort the young boy, Levine suggested that everyone also lie down on the floor with Christopher. Read the full story.

6. 14 people killed in shooting at Inland Regional Center in San Bernardino

Fourteen people were killed and dozens were injured when Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik, a married couple, opened fire at a holiday party at the Inland Regional Center hosted by Farook's co-workers with the San Bernardino County Department of Public Health on Wednesday, Dec.2, 2015. The two were eventually killed in a gun battle with police. Read the full story.

5. Photographer, wife conspire to surprise husband with baby news during photo shoot

During a husband-wife photo shoot, Kendra Swalls captured the moment when the husband read the surprise written on his wife's sign: "We've having a baby!"
Paisley Layne Photography

Photographer Kendra Swalls had an idea she had always wanted to try. During a husband-wife photo shoot, she captured the moment when the husband read the words, "We're having a baby!" Read the full story.

4. Miracle cat claws its way out of its own grave five days after being buried

Humane Society of Tampa Bay

A young cat in Florida was buried alive by its owner, who thought he was dead after getting hit by a car. But Bart proved everyone wrong by climbing from his own grave. Read the full story.

3. Angry Baltimore mom beats son after seeing him throw rocks at police

A suspected rioter in Baltimore got the smackdown of his life by his mom on television. The mother saw her son on television throwing rocks at police. That's when she'd had enough and dished up a dose of discipline. Read the full story.

2. California woman describes long battle with anorexia

Left: Rachael Farrokh with husband Rod Edmondson before her illness took hold. Right: Rachael today.
Rod Edmondson/Casian Photography

Ten years ago, Racheal Farrokh was the girl next door -- smart, beautiful, talented and healthy. But now, the 37-year-old Farrokh is battling severe anorexia and wants to warn others about the disorder. Read the full story.

1. Scientists discover how crystal meth causes cells to age rapidly and die

Faces of Meth/Multnomah County Sheriff's Office

Scientists have discovered how methamphetamine causes cells to age and die, giving users the horrific appearance they've become known for. Read the full story.

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