Severely abused pit bull adjusts to new life of love

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Saturday, January 17, 2015
Severely abused pit bull adjusts to new life of love
A dog that suffered terrible abuse is finding a new life, filled with love.

WINCHESTER, Calif. (KABC) -- Just a few weeks ago, Huey the Pit Bull suffered bite marks all over his face. His body was emaciated.

Now, he's learning new tricks and adjusting to a new life filled with love.

"I have seen a lot, and Huey was the worst I had ever seen," said Tracy Lystra, who rescued Huey.

Huey the Pit Bull relaxes on a carpet in this undated file photo.

Lystra believes Huey was involved in dog fighting.

"His front legs were bowed because he was more than likely kept in a cage his whole life, except for when it was time to fight," Lystra said.

It's unclear what exactly happened to Huey, but his veterinarian says he was definitely a case of extreme animal abuse.

"Whether he was being picked on by the other dogs he was living with or whether he was abused by being picked on by fighting dogs, that's unclear to me at this time," Dr. Kristin de la Paz said.

Animal control experts say dog fighting rings are very rare in the Inland Empire; cockfighting is the real problem.

Whatever Huey endured, his life of violence is coming to an end. Lystra is going to try to adopt him.

"He's a wonderful dog, who is being given love, and is accepting of love, and willing to forgive the race that tortured him," Lystra said.