Proud Bird opens newly renovated airplane park and playground area

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Thursday, September 26, 2019
Proud Bird opens newly renovated airplane park and playground area
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After being closed for over a year the Proud Bird follows up their new dining experience with a newly renovated outdoor airplane park and playground area.

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- The Proud Bird is striving to reach new heights with some recent renovations.

"It's completely different. Everything is renovated," Proud Bird managing director Rebecca Winters said. "From the food bazaar having 7 different international kitchens from Bludso's BBQ to our chicken and waffles."

Lois Olkie has been coming to the Proud Bird since the 60's and she said the changes took some getting used to.

"It takes a while for, maybe my generation to, you know, pick up the pace, but now I'm at the pace and I love it," Olkie said.

The historic restaurant located near LAX has seen a lot of history and a lot of changes since it opened in the 60's. A few years ago it shut down because of a rent increase. The community rallied in support, which eventually led to a new lease and a new look.

"We were here for them in a time where there wasn't diversity in the workplace," Winters said. "There wasn't diversity in the dining experience and proud bird offered that so our community came together and fought for us and told us we had to come back."

The Proud Bird keeps the history of aviation by featuring various exhibits throughout the building including the Tuskegee Airmen exhibit.

"We had one of our Tuskegee Airmen here last week celebrating their birthday. So, they're in their 90's upwards to 100 so they are here in support of us," Winters said.

Along with all the renovations inside... the Proud Bird also just recently opened their new airplane park featuring 16 renovated airplanes and a new playground making it a place for everyone.

Joseph Edmiston who's been coming to the Proud Bird for years has always had a love for aviation and can now pass the tradition on to his two sons.

"It just takes me back to being a kid and having my kids around me as well in that same atmosphere is great," Edmiston said.

"When you want to do an activity like soccer or with a football, you can do it in the grass area and I like it," Edmiston's son Ryan said.