Eyewitness This: Alaska Airlines worker tosses luggage to ground, D-Day vet parachutes into Normandy, Coachella puppies rescued up for adoption

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Alaska Airlines worker tosses luggage to ground

Alaska Airlines has responded to video showing a worker throwing luggage.

The video shot by a passenger last month shows the worker unloading an Alaska Airlines jet, tossing several pieces of luggage from that airplane to the ground.

Alaska Airlines Operational Communications Manager Ray Lane released the following statement:

"The video is extremely concerning. The contract vendor clearly violated our policies. We will make sure this employee will never again work on another Alaska Airlines aircraft. We're also conducting a thorough investigation about this incident. We expect all employees to treat the luggage and cargo of our guests as they would their own. We apologize to our guests whose baggage was handled so recklessly."

97-year-old D-Day veteran parachutes into Normandy

A 97-year-old D-Day veteran from California parachuted into France to commemorate the time he made a similar jump back in 1944.

Rice jumped into roughly the same area he landed in on D-Day.

He said it was dark in 1944 when he hit the ground in hostile territory and he can't be sure exactly where he was.

Rice was part of the U.S. Army's 101st Airborne Division, which fought against the Germans in World War II.

Coachella puppies rescued ready for adoption

There is new video of two of the dogs seized from the woman accused of dumping puppies in a Coachella dumpster.

The two dogs are up for adoption through the Thousand Oaks-based shelter Paw Works.

They were among more than three dozen dogs rescued back in April.

Despite some skin problems, the dogs are healthy and sweet.
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