Alexander Calder's kinetic sculptures on display in DTLA

DOWNTOWN LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- The work of Alexander Calder goes on public display this weekend at one of the Los Angeles arts district's most cutting edge art galleries - Hauser and Wirth.

The gallery is located in an old flour mill, where the courtyard can hold the show's five massive pieces.

Inside, the smaller works of abstract sculpture such as the famous mobiles and the non-moving work called sta-bills are featured. There are also pieces that combine two concepts.

"He was a curious person. The public persona of Calder is very different than the real proper, private person that his friends knew, that his family knew," Sandy Rower said.

Rower talked about watching his grandfather work and how the artist who studied engineering relied entirely on intuition to make the pieces balance. The viewer is encouraged to get what they want out of the art. It's more about the art's relationship to space.

"It's not just a Calder show. The foundation makes projects which have specific identities. This is about getting a better understanding of Calder, giving us an opportunity to go through the sculpture to another plane of existence," he said.

Then there's a pair of sculptures that explain the show's name - Calder: Nonspace. It takes visitors to a fourth dimension of art, while being grounded in steel.

The free exhibit runs through Jan. 6. All of the sculptures in the courtyard have never been seen in L.A. before.
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