Grocery Run Club helps provide food, essentials to underserved Chicago communities

CHICAGO, Ill. -- A couple from Chicago created a non-profit called Grocery Run Club that is helping underserved neighborhoods on the South and West Side by providing food and essentials.

Lucia Angel and Jorge Saldarriaga are the founders and operators of the Grocery Run Club, a non-profit that started last July in the midst of the pandemic. The non-profit started as a result of the mass need for essentials and food in the South and West Side of Chicago.

"We saw this immense need and we felt a call to action saying I'm from this community I need to help my people," Angel said.

The couple said they have partnered up with several organizations, delivering fresh food and essentials to people in need almost every day.

On Friday, the non-profit collaborated with Dions Chicago Dream, another non-profit that works to ease the food disparity in the city's Englewood neighborhood.

The collaboration allowed both groups to stock up a community fridge in the Englewood community.

"There is definitely synergy between their mission and mine and also they have the integrity, the respect of each community because they are there every single day, every single week," said Dion Dawson, founder of Dions Chicago Dream.

For more information visit the Grocery Run Club website.