Meet the powerhouse influencer behind the biggest digital conference for Latinas

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- When Ana Flores became a mother, she decided to reinvent herself. She left a longtime profession as a TV producer to become a full-time mommy blogger.

"There's this hunger to connect. There's this hunger to learn, there's this hunger to grow," she said.

During that time, she authored a book, "Bilingual is Better," and in 2016 was also invited to speak at the White House. Her professional life was thriving once again, but Ana felt a bigger calling - the need to share the wealth of opportunities in the digital world with her fellow Latinas.

So she created the annual conference, #WeAllGrow, a summit that brings storytellers, entrepreneurs and everyday women together. It's a place to connect, share ideas and tools to help make their dreams a reality in the digital world.

"Latinas right now are dominating the digital space," Ana said.

She believes that no matter what level you are, whether you're launching a business, a blog, or writing a book - the #WeAllGrow conference will provide powerful knowledge on how to brand yourself, and in addition, you will feel inspired and empowered by other women.

One of Ana's primary goals is to surmount negativity and give women the opportunity to support one another. This is something she said her life's work -- as a mother and entrepreneur -- reflects.

"I defy it and I've been able to create a business that is completely run by women and is completely supported by women. We really stand by that when one has grown and has opened a door, the first thing that we do is try to bring everybody back in there with us," she said.
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