Beach Boulevard redevelopment in Anaheim focuses on housing, shopping, dining, public safety

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Saturday, September 17, 2022
Beach Blvd. revitalization in Anaheim focuses on shopping, safety
New construction near the intersection of Beach Boulevard and Lincoln Avenue in Anaheim hopes to bring new life to this part of Orange County.

ANAHEIM, Calif. (KABC) -- New construction near the corner of Beach Boulevard and Lincoln Avenue hopes to bring new life to this part of Orange County.

Erin Ryan, city of Anaheim spokesperson said, "These townhomes are the first phase of significant redevelopment in west Anaheim and along Beach Boulevard."

She said these new homes are part of something bigger which will include a shopping center, restaurants and a grocery store.

Ryan said the city's rebuild is concentrating on a mile and a half stretch of Beach Boulevard between Ball Road and Lincoln.

"We see crime, prostitution, human trafficking, illegal gambling," Ryan said. "A wide variety of issues and challenge that we are committed to changing."

Ryan says for decades police have tried to address the problem but the issue doesn't go away.

She said they're now working on other solutions.

"We've installed highly visible cameras along Beach Boulevard that really acts to deter illegals and undesirable activity," she said.

Anaheim is taking it a step further.

Ryan said they're acquiring properties and tearing down outdated motels on the busy corridor.

Earlier this year, she said they red tagged the Covered Wagon motel because of its unsafe conditions.

"Just this week our city council voted to acquire that property and soon we will go through the process of turning that into affordable housing," Ryan said.

She said change won't happen overnight but residents will be able to see that change is on the way.

She said the portion of Beach Boulevard that runs through the city of Anaheim is owned and operated by Cal Trans.

Right now, Ryan said they're working to acquire it so they can maintain it just like any other street in the city.