Anaheim City Council considering 2% tax on tickets to Disneyland, other large venues

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Wednesday, July 20, 2022
Anaheim weighing new tax on tickets to Disneyland, other venues
Tickets to Disneyland could soon be getting more expensive.

ANAHEIM, Calif. (KABC) -- Tickets to Disneyland could soon be getting more expensive.

The Anaheim City Council says it's considering asking voters for a 2% ticket tax on theme parks and other big venues.

Councilman Jose Moreno, who's spearheading the proposal, said the measure could raise up to $82 million a year for city services and projects.

"The goal is to simply raise revenues in the city of our size with the needs that we have," said Moreno. "Being a tourist-based city, we have disproportionate needs from the revenues that we are able to garner already. We want to increase community policing, increase our ability for paramedics to get to residents quicker, provide more amenities at our parks and hopefully, build a second swimming pool in the city of Anaheim. We currently only have one."

Moreno said the funds would also go toward restoring seven-day-a-week library services, hiring more police and firefighters, or building and staffing a dedicated senior center to serve residents.

"He has put this forth because he sees it as a winning way to look at potential other revenue for our city," said spokesperson for the city of Anaheim Michael Lyster.

Five of the council's six members would have to vote in favor of the measure to get it on the ballot this fall.

"We do know that some members on our council, based on their past votes, they are very hesitant about new taxes, particularly at a time when gas and grocery prices and other prices are at a 40-year high," said Lyster.

The Walt Disney Co., which owns Disneyland, is the parent company of this station.