Talks collapse in Tim Burton palimony case

LOS ANGELES The legal fight is scheduled to play out before Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Harold I. Cherness on Aug. 12.

Lisa Marie, a former Calvin Klein model, met Burton at a club in 1991 and went on to star in several of his movies while the couple lived together. Burton broke up with her nearly 10 years later.

In December 2006, Marie sued Burton, saying he promised her that they would "combine their efforts and earnings and would share equally any and all" accumulated property. The lawsuit also claimed that Burton said he would financially support her for the rest of her life.

After the split, Marie said she consulted with an attorney who told her she would have little chance of prevailing in a palimony suit, the lawsuit said. Marie claims the lawyer colluded with Burton and persuaded her to enter into contracts with the director that deprived her of her rights.

According to court papers filed by Burton's lawyer, the director gave Marie $5 million to sign a contract releasing him from any further claims to his assets. He maintained that if she wanted to rescind the contract, she was obligated to return the money.

Burton countersued Marie in September seeking a court declaration that his ex-girlfriend was bound by prior agreements.

The director cast Marie in several of his films, including "Ed Wood," "Mars Attacks!" and "Planet of the Apes." It was while filming the "Planet of the Apes" remake in 2001 that Burton met Helena Bonham Carter.

Burton and Carter eventually became a couple. The actress gave birth in December to her second child with the 49-year-old director.


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