S. Pasadena teen starts 'no cussing week'

SOUTH PASADENA The designation comes at the suggestion of a 14-year-old boy who founded the "No Cussing Club" in the city.

This fun-loving South Pasadena high school freshman is on a mission to clean up our foul language. McKay Hatch is the creator of the "No Cussing Club" and this week he's asking everyone to give up their favorite four-letter words.

"I'd like to have a cuss-free week in every state and nationwide," said Hatch. "People say it's March 3rd. Let's clean up our language this week."

Hatch's home town of South Pasadena is the first city ever to issue a no-cussing week proclamation. The 14-year-old will receive the official order Wednesday night at city council.

"It's an effort to ask our entire city to refrain from using profanity for a week," said South Pasadena Mayor Michael Cacciotti. "Hopefully it's spread across the nation and around the world."

Hatch's push to eliminate profanity began last year when he challenged his friends to stop cussing around him. The idea took off, growing from a club at school to a Web site to spread the word around the world.

There are members from Australia to Argentina, New Zealand to New Mexico.

The teen says he now knows the power of positive peer pressure.

By encouraging his classmates to stopping using their favorite four-letter words Hatch is hoping it'll be easier for them to say no when it comes to tougher decisions like drugs and alcohol.

"You got to start off with the little things like this cuss-free week, just for a week, then two weeks, maybe a month," said Mayor Cacciotti.

And hopefully a lifetime. Hatch says there are plenty of substitutions for the next time the foul language starts to fly.


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