Student arrested in high school threats

HACIENDA HEIGHTS Authorities say that they arrested a male student Friday morning on the heels of two threats against the school.

They say that they discovered the threat several nights ago on an Internet site.

Early Thursday morning school police were searching students as they entered the campus after a possible threat was made.

A massive line, two blocks long, formed outside the school and each student waited to be searched by Hacienda La Puente Unified School District Police before entering the campus.

"I can report that the suspect is a Wilson High student who has made a complete confession. The student is being processed at this time and the investigation is continuing," said Barbara Nakaoka, school superintendent.

School police say that the threats were made on the Wikipedia Web site. Wikipedia is a public site where people can post whatever they want, about anyone or anything, including Glen A. Wilson High School.

Eyewitness News was able to learn the text of one of the threats on the site: "This is a warning. Do not remove this from this page. On Friday, April 18, 2008, there will be a shooting at this school."

The warning goes on to list the names of specific students who were to be victims of the threats, though the names of those students will not be released in this report.

The warning goes on to say: "Take this text down and it will guarantee their death so I suggest you don't."

The threat has been removed off of Wikipedia.

Investigators say that even though many of the students named in the threats appeared to have Asian names they haven't decided if it rises to the level of a hate crime.

"They were criminal threats and the student is being processed as we speak. It is criminal threats and if you looked at the Web site yourself you would understand what those threats are," said Chief Al Vasquez, school district police.

Investigators say that they seized evidence from the suspect's home. They have not released any specifics of what they found at the house.

Authorities also have not specified a motive behind the threats.


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