Can Mighty Putty live up to its name?

WOODLAND HILLS, Calif. "Mighty Putty is not a glue, but a super-powered epoxy that you can mold to any shape and apply directly to most any surface for an everlasting bond," according to Mighty Putty advertisements. With that pitch who would not want Mighty Putty? Eyewitness News put in an order, but it took several weeks for the package to arrive in the mail. When it did Eyewitness News took the product to the West Valley Occupational Center and instructor Mark Everett's home repair class to see if Mighty Putty could live up to its name.

The instructions said to take a piece of the green and white putty and knead the two colors together until they become one. After that, Everett had some of his students go to work on gouged drywall, a damaged table leg and a leaking pipe -- the test was to fix the pipe while the water was still squirting out. Finally, a student mounted a pair of shelf-brackets on the wall.

Everett and his students let the Mighty Putty dry for several days before finding out how well it holds up.

He first looked at the drywall.

"It was a little difficult to smooth down," Everett said. "It did stick, but it's doing damage to the outside area trying to sand it flat."

Then he checked the table leg.

"It's forming real well," Everett said. "It's holding really well. It didn't pop out, which is what I would've expected. It's sanding just like wood. I'd say that's a success."

The leaky pipe was next.

"It's not leaking -- completely dry," Everett said.

Mighty Putty was successful once again, but then it was off to the shelf-brackets where Everett tested their strength with 60-pound bags of sand. The shelf broke after about 120 pounds, but the ad said Mighty Putty will support up to 350 pounds.

It is a versatile adhesive, but for some projects Mighty Putty doesn't quite live up to its name.


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