Cancer doc heals through photography

WEST HILLS It's an art gallery, where doctors just happen to treat cancer. That's how Dr. Bernard Lewinsky describes his practice. He has travelled the world to capture nature at its finest.

As a radiation oncologist, taking pictures helps him manage his stress. Then one day Dr. Lewinsky realized his pictures also benefited his patients.

"I don't really think I'm coming in here for radiation. I just think I'm coming in for a visit. I visit the art and then I leave," said patient Shirley Yacoobian.

"I found that patients got a lot of peaceful satisfaction from looking at the images," said Dr. Lewinsky.

Dr. Lewinsky even put a monitor at the top of the radiation vault. He did this so when patients lie down to get their treatment they feel like they're being transported to another place.

"If you have some peaceful, calming images to concentrate on you may relax and really not notice the treatment that much," said Dr. Lewinsky.

Studies show a positive attitude impacts how well a person heals. Dr. Lewinsky says a chaotic office instills chaos. He wants his clinic to feel serene and peaceful.

"The hospitals or clinics are so sad, but not here it is nice," said patient Salvador Hernandez.

Dr. Lewinsky's lens uncovers revealing comparisons between the human body and nature.

"Although it can't be proven I wonder how much we do get from nature that nurtures us because we are sort of like nature," said Dr. Lewinsky.

He says the similarities are powerful. As a man who's taken an oath to heal, Dr. Lewinsky says his photos teach an important lesson.

"Nature is permanent in relation to our lives. Yosemite is going to exist whether I exist or not," said Dr. Lewinsky.

Dr. Lewinsky's patients have received his photos so well he's compiled a book of some of his photos. Proceeds from the book will go to the American Cancer Society.

For more information Dr. Lewinsky's office can be reached at (818) 884-1683.


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