Parents protest unpopular Carson principal

CARSON, Calif. This might seem to have the makings of a picnic or a camping trip, but this is actually a protest set to go overnight into the early morning hours. Parents, students and teachers were camped out at Dolores Street Elementary School to let the school district know that they have some serious problems with their principal.

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The mural outside of Dolores Street School paints such a pleasant picture. But inside this elementary school, the tension has been mounting for months.

"It's so sad to see all this, that we have to push to get all this. We don't want this lady here," said parent Gonzalo Galvan.

Gonzalo Galvan is a parent of a student at Dolores Elementary. He plans to participate in Wednesday night's demonstration, when parents and teachers will call on the district to remove Principal Anna Barraza.

"This is more like a dictatorship now. This is a school that's very family-oriented," said library aide Sandra Islas. "A lot of our teachers are former students, like myself. A lot of our students, their parents came to the school. We've never had any types of problems here at this school."

Teachers and the teacher union say they have no confidence in the abilities of Barraza, who has been at the school since September.

"If you were to walk that campus, as one of my co-administrators has, on a number of occasions with the principal, you will see her interacting appropriately with students and everybody else that appears on that campus, including the parents," said Dan Isaacs, Associated Administrators of Los Angeles. "

In a statement issued Wednesday, Local District 8 Superintendent Linda Del Cueto said: "I feel that mediation is the appropriate step in discussing the issues regarding Delores Street Elementary School. I understand their desire to make their feelings known through a sleepover, but I don't support this method since it may disrupt the orderly proceedings of summer school."

The Association of Administrators says the teachers union is trying to call the shots without good reason.


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