Proposal requires calorie count on menus

LOS ANGELES The idea is that when you walk into a restaurant and look at the menu, officials want you to look at the number of calories, and it may make you change your mind about what you choose.

Experts said the number of calories in a kids meal usually exceeds the recommended about. Health officials say it's contributing to the childhood obesity problem, and it's a problem for adults as well.

The proposed ordinance would require some fast food and chain restaurants in L.A. County to post the number of calories on the menu.

They also want restaurants to provide nutritional information.

The ordinance is the latest in a series of steps to encourage Californians to eat healthier. The state has banned restaurants from cooking with artery-clogging trans-fats, and at least for the time being, no more fast food restaurants will be opening in South Los Angeles.

County officials said they believe it's important to educate the public about the foods they're eating.

Restaurant patron John Graybeal said he would make better choices if the ordinance were in place.

"At least I can count my calories and make sure I'm eating healthier," he said.

If the measure is adopted, L.A. County would be following the lead of New York, where they are already required to post nutritional and calorie information.


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