Neighbors oppose sex cult leader's return

HARRISBURG, Penn. George Feigley once led a cult devoted to sex with children, which he continues to advocate. Feigley was scheduled to be released from prison Thursday night, and the law can do little to keep track of him.

It is known as a house of horrors, a church school where 68-year-old George Feigley was convicted of molesting three girls as part of a sex cult he led back in the 1970s.

In 1995, a judge added six more years to his sentence for directing sexual acts with kids by telephone from prison. Additional time was then added for two prison escapes. Two of his followers died trying to break him out.

But on Friday, after 30 years behind bars, George Feigley is scheduled to walk out of jail a free man.

"A monster, a sexual monster," said Harrisburg resident Angel Fox. Fox and her two sons live next door to Feigley's Harrisburg home. She has collected more than 900 signatures so far, part of a petition drive to keep Feigley from moving back.

"In California, if you rape a kid, you can't return to that state," said Angel Fox. "I want that to be some kind of stipulation, that he can't return here."

Right now, there is little Fox and others can do. Feigley served his time and won't be required to register his address like other sex offenders, because Meagan's Law wasn't in place when the crimes occurred.

Feigley and his followers operate two Web sites.

"Part of their philosophy is that, at least it's been indicated to us, that sexual gratification brings them closer to the almighty," said John Cherry, former Dauphin County District Attorney.

Neighbors plan to hang up flyers and stage a protest outside Feigley's house on Friday in the event he returns home.


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