Pomona shooting leaves woman, 71, dead

POMONA, Calif. Florence Anderson's home along the 700 block of Mayfair Avenue between White and Park Avenues was always open to everyone, according to family members. She had a huge heart, and took in a lot of kids, especially extended family members who had a tough home life, family members said.

"She was a very sweet lady," said neighbor Carlos Gonzalez. "Everybody loved her and everybody's gonna miss her."

She lived in the same house for decades, but around 9:30 p.m. on Tuesday, Anderson, who was asthmatic, went out to her front porch with two relatives when at least one shooter approached the property and opened fire.

Her nephew Calvin Wimbley and his 17-year-old son were struck in the leg, but Anderson was struck several times in the chest and head and was declared dead at the scene. Police do not believe she was the intended target.

Wimbley and his son both suffered non life-threatening wounds and were expected to survive.

"My mom was a beautiful person; she helped everyone. She was loving and caring, and one thing I want to make sure that doesn't happen is that by her death, being an innocent victim, that the devil doesn't get the glory," said the victim's daughter Brenda.

"Whether it was gangs, I know it was three Hispanic individuals that did it, I don't have no animosity in my heart against them. I just want peace to come out of it."

Neighbors are baffled, but some believe the shooting may be gang related. One neighbor says the house had been targeted before.

"It happened about a month and a half ago. They did the same thing. They walked up ... they shot up the place," said Carlos Gonzales.

Anderson had often talked about how dangerous the neighborhood had become, but despite the violence, she didn't want to leave her neighborhood, according to Gonzalez.

"She opened her door to anybody. She took care of so many grandkids. It's just heartbreaking, you know, that this has to happen to her. But, she's in a better place now," said Gonzales.

Police have no motive for the shooting and no suspect information.

Anyone with information is urged to call the Pomona Police Tipline at (909) 620-2085.

Eyewitness News reporters Lisa Hernandez and Rob McMillan contributed to this report.


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