Local school competes for tech prize

CORONA A technology company sponsored the competition. The rules stated that student-teacher collaboration, spirit, creativity and how to use technology should be incorporated.

The students in Michael Grothem's class at Corona Ranch Elementary School accepted the challenge with enthusiasm.

"We are all thinking about how we use technology in our classroom. Also how we would use it if we won the competition," said student, Erica Casey.

"We did a lot of work making this video. Even with all of the laughing it came out very good," said student, Riya Sony.

The students worked on the project for weeks, during their lunch hour and after school.

"There were a lot in California where actually were the only one in California though that made it to a finalist. There are five finalist that are competing for $25,000," said teacher, Michael Grothem.

The students realize that the winning prize, the new technology, would be a boost to their school.

"You know there is always that one kid that's not paying attention or following the directions when the teacher is speaking," said student, Rissa Sanchez. "I think if we win and we earn this technology it will turn their attention to the front of the classroom. That way they will not be talking to their friends."

You can view the entire video on the Internet and vote.

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