Tenn. woman sues Morgan Freeman over crash

LOS ANGELES That woman insists the two were not romantically linked. She held a press conference Wednesday morning, announcing the suit against the 71-year-old /*Academy Award*/ winner.

Demaris Meyer says she was an innocent victim in an accident that nearly killed her. She says /*Morgan Freeman*/ was behind the wheel when the accident happened, and while he's been able to continue with his career, she's been left unable to work with mounting medical bills.

She has been referred to as "the other woman," the mistress to actor Morgan Freeman, but Wednesday, appearing alongside her attorney /*Gloria Allred*/, Memphis resident Demaris Meyer spoke publicly for the first time, seeking to clear her name.

"I have been labeled as 'the other woman' and had been accused of having caused the breakup of Mr. Freeman's marriage," said Demaris Meyer. "Nothing can be further from the truth."

The truth, according to Meyer, is that she met Freeman for the first time last August at a dinner arranged by mutual friends. And that by the end of the night, she was lying in a hospital bed in critical condition.

"I was in ICU for approximately four days, and when I came home from the hospital I could not take care of myself for several months," said Meyer.

Meyer says after dinner, the 71-year-old actor invited her to spend the night at his ranch, which would have been a shorter commute to her workplace the following day.

"He was a perfect gentleman and I accepted this kind offer," said Meyer.

They agreed Freeman would drive Meyer's 1997 Nissan Maxima to the ranch because he knew the way. However, at 11:30 that night, Freeman lost control of the car and ran off the freeway, the Maxima flipping three times before it came to a stop.

Meyer says she is unable to return to work and can't afford her medical bills. It is why attorney Gloria Allred has filed a lawsuit against Morgan Freeman. The lawsuit alleges Freeman failed to keep a proper lookout, failed to maintain his attention to driving, failed to keep the vehicle under proper control and failed to obey the speed limit.

"Mr. Freeman has a reputation for being a very decent human being," said Meyer's attorney Gloria Allred. "It is time for him to live up to that reputation in this case."

Authorities in Mississippi say the roads were slick the night of the accident and no charges were filed against Freeman. Allred says Freeman has paid Meyer some amount of money but not nearly enough to cover the damages she suffered.



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