Suleman, Allred, nurses wage war of words

WILSHIRE DISTRICT, LOS ANGELES Having filed a number of reports with child-welfare authorities, /*Angels In Waiting*/ says they're coming forward now for the safety of the octuplets. This is quickly deteriorating into an imbroglio between attorneys on both sides.

Days after having been fired by octuplets mom /*Nadya Suleman*/, the volunteer nurse group Angels In Waiting is speaking out alongside their attorney /*Gloria Allred*/, claiming Suleman violated a declaration of principles signed by Suleman and Angels In Waiting, a declaration that says among other things that the best interest of the octuplets should always be the number one concern.

"First, Nadya announced to the public, including the media, when the first babies were coming home," said Allred Wednesday. "This resulted in a foreseeable frenzy of hundreds of media and onlookers coming to her home for the expected arrival."

Suleman's lawyer /*Jeff Czech*/ responded.

"AIW was never a good fit for Nadya," said Czech. "The bottom line was AIW was supposed to provide services for Nadya and her infants and, and it didn't work out for a mom with new babies and existing children in the house. More calm was required and she couldn't get it with AIW in the house."

Suleman sent the nurses on their way this week after feeling as though nurses were spying on her. Turns out Angels In Waiting has filed three reports with child-welfare authorities, claiming the help for the octuplets was in jeopardy, calling the environment in the Suleman home unhealthy and unsanitized.

"Inside, media [were] permitted to set up dirty camera and light equipment, electrical cords and audio equipment inside the very small nursery which held the cribs and rocking chair," said Allred.

Angels In Waiting also claims Suleman was with her newborns for a mere eight hours in the first five days they were home.

"[Suleman] spent several hours of a day shopping, and when she would arrive home she would once again not stop in the nursery to see what had happened during the day or come in to feed these infants," said Jackie Peebles, Angels In Waiting.

As for the center of the proverbial hurricane, four of the octuplets are home Wednesday night; the other four remain in the hospital.



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