Review: 'Lovely Bones' dark, but good

LOS ANGELES In "The Lovely Bones" a 14-year-old girl is murdered. Soon after the murder the movie takes you through the tragedy individual members of her family are having to deal with, and how the murder victim herself watches from above. She's not yet ready for heaven until she sees some resolution on Earth.

"Atonement's" Saoirse Ronan absolutely hits the mark as an innocent teenager whose life got cut short. And as the film's narrator, she does a terrific job infusing warmth in some cold words.

Stanley Tucci is just plain creepy as the film's villain. This may sound awful, but I was hoping his character would be dead before the movie was over.

Mark Wahlberg brings a father's pain to life -- and he does it well.

You'll see Susan Sarandon go from carefree glamorous grandma to something much stronger. She's great to watch here.

And director Peter Jackson is like a kid in a special effects candy store. The master of "The Lord of the Rings" knows the world of make-believe well and he uses his tricks to bring the after-life alive.

It's so visually different than the dark moments on Earth it almost feels like another movie. And the more I think about it, the more I think Jackson wants you to feel that difference.

But what else will you feel?

If you're a parent, you'll probably go to an uncomfortable place, thinking about your own family.

The subject matter here is dark -- no question-- and sometimes tough to watch, and you should know that.

You should also take the PG-13 rating seriously or the potential nightmares will be your fault!

I really liked this movie. But I know others who couldn't wash the "creep" off after seeing it.

I think the narration is a real plus, with the murdered character able to help tell a difficult story with an often soothing delivery.

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