Cool Kid brings solar power nationwide

LOS ANGELES Adam Raudonis is a Cool Kid who wanted to do something worthwhile for his junior and senior years at /*Westlake High school*/.

"I found that solar panels was that exact combination I wanted of something that was ambitious but something I could also do in two years," said Adam.

Adam formed the club, Students for Solar Schools. The idea quickly grew to bring solar power nationwide and around the world.

"The original plan was to just put solar panels on Westlake High School. But then I realized I could really multiply my impact by creating a model that hopefully other schools could use," said Adam.

It takes a special person to take on such a large project and organize different groups to make it successful. People see that Adam is just that person.

"It's a problem he wants to fix and he figures out how to solve the problem," said science teacher Jennifer Kuge. "He inspires other people to want to work together and together they're doing it."

Beyond high school, Adam will follow his passion for the environment.

"Right now, I'm deciding between Standford and Yale," said Adam. "After that, I really would like to go into the renewable energy sector."

Educating people and caring for the planet makes Adam Raudonis our Cool Kid.

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