Animator lands part in 'Shrek Forever After'

LOS ANGELES Animator and story editor Walt Dohrn was doing his job at DreamWorks studios, when a bit of movie magic happened, and he was cast as the voice of Rumpelstiltskin in "Shrek Forever After."

"I was working on the voice, helping develop the character, and doing the temporary voice, for about a year," said Dohrn. "Everyone started falling in love with it and it became such a part of the story that Jeffrey Katzenberg said, 'Walt Dohrn rocks!'"

"You know, we often do scratch tracks, temporary voices as we are working on a film. We found that Walt's voice was irreplaceable," said director Mike Mitchell. "When the producers announced it to a theater full of animators, all of them stood up in their chairs and cheered."

Dohrn credits his fellow "Shrek" actors with helping him along the way.

"I read with them and learned a lot from them," said Dohrn. "I had the rare opportunity to help develop this character. I think that gave me an edge to know how to give him his voice."

"I've known Walt for years so it was completely logical that he would become Rumpelstiltskin," said actor Mike Myers. "He is just a super talented guy. That's another fairy tale story. I'm really happy for him."

"That's a dream story," said actor Craig Robinson. "That is what Hollywood is all about, being in the right place."

"Shrek Forever After" is rated-PG.

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