'Karate Kid' Jaden Smith takes on '80s remake


"He's a disciplined young man and I think people are going to love this movie," said actor /*Will Smith*/.

Will Smith is singing the praises of his 11-year-old son, Jaden, the star of "The Karate Kid" remake.

Jaden takes on the role made famous by Ralph Macchio.

Ralph was honored to be invited to the event because they didn't have a premiere back in 1984. Other stars of the now classic 1984 version also showed up to pass the torch.

"The kids who grew up on our movie are now parents, so to have a new one for new generation of kids is great," said William Zabka, who played Johnny Lawrence in the original "Karate Kid."

In the film, Jaden's character learns his Kung Fu skills from a new master. /*Jackie Chan*/ takes on the role of Mr. Kesuke Miyagi, originally played by Pat Morita.

Off screen, life imitated art, with Jackie giving Jaden many lessons in martial arts.

"I did my own stunts. I'm still training. I've been training for a year just because," said Jaden. "I promise you won't be disappointed and you'll most likely cry."

"The Karate Kid" opens Friday and is rated PG.

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