Ex-porn actresses sue clinic for overexposure

LOS ANGELES /*Diana Grandmason*/ has bared it all for the cameras, but she has now filed a lawsuit against the /*Adult Industry Medical Healthcare Foundation*/, or AIM, for exposing her private medical information.

The /*San Fernando Valley*/ clinic tests adult film performers for sexually transmitted diseases before filming begins.

The lawsuit alleges that release forms the clinic requires adult film actors to sign do not properly define the group of people who are allowed access to the information.

The suit also claims the release forms don't limit the number of test disclosures.

After testing has been conducted, AIM posts the test results on a membership only website that can be accessed by producers and employers in the adult film business.

"There's nobody monitoring who's using it and what purposes they're using it for," Grandmason said, "and there are people who take this information and release it."

AIM requires adult film actors to sign release forms, which Grandmason said are too broad.

She said her personal health information was released to a popular industry blog in February.

/*The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services*/ has launched an investigation into AIM.

"The way the system is set up is anyone can pay $200 to AIM to have access to confidential medical records forever," said /*Michael Weinstein*/, president of the /*AIDS Healthcare Foundation*/, which pushed for the investigation.

The Los Angeles-based organization is also lobbying for mandatory condom use and increased testing among porn performers.

"The testing program run by AIM is a fig leaf for the industry and without this fig leaf there would be no way in which the industry could operate without condom use," Weinstein said.

Grandmason, who left the porno industry in 2009, said performers who want to use condoms don't get work.

"Most of the companies have a no condom policy and I did approximately 68 films," she said. "I never used a condom in a single one, and there were never any condoms on any set of those 68 films."

Grandmason quit working in porn after she became concerned about health and business violations.

She said she has received death threats for speaking out against the industry.

AIM did not return calls seeking comment.

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