'Twilight' actor Billy Burke releases album

LOS ANGELES That's because /*Billy Burke*/ has a whole other career.

If you don't know Burke from the "/*Twilight*/" films, maybe you remember him from "Along Came A Spider," "Ladder 49" or "Fracture" with /*Anthony Hopkins*/.

Burke has 20 years worth of acting credits. Now, he's getting back to his roots: music.

"I started out when I was 14, 15 years old," he said. "The real plan was to sort of become a rock star at first.

I always wanted to have a dual career but I started making movies and television and didn't really have time to devote to music anymore. Now that I have sort of my own resources, I just decided to make my own record and put it out there."

He named his album "Removed."

Recently, he took the stage at the /*House of Blues*/ in West Hollywood.

The "Twilight" phenomenon has been music to Burke's ears.

"The fans of these movies have been so gracious and just so beautiful to us and to me now," he said. "A lot of the people that have come to my website are 'Twilight' fans."

And if they order his music, this is how Burke sees his songs: "I like to think it's the kind of music that you put on in the jukebox at your favorite bar."

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