CrossFit workouts aim for functional training

LOS ANGELES "We don't use machines. We don't use treadmills. We don't use any of those things," said Terry Hudson, owner of CrossFit FAST. "What we do is use functional training. So if you need to do it in real life you're going do it in here."

That's the premise of CrossFit, one of the hottest training systems around, done at home, low key gyms, popular with servicemen and the military. It is also perfect for Kentucky firefighter Chris Sweat.

"You never know what you're going to be doing. The variability is great. In fact, you're not doing the same thing every day," said Sweat.

Andy Petranek says the program utilizes the 10 elements of fitness and pushes them hard.

"It offers stamina, endurance, flexibility, strength, speed, power, balance, coordination and agility," said Petranek. "We want to make sure that an athlete is very well rounded and can go out and do anything that life has to offer."

"You got another guy beside you who's the same age as you and he's kicking your butt so it kind of motivates you a little bit to keep working hard," said Hudson.

Those in CrossFit exercise a lot of competitive camaraderie. They're putting it to the test this weekend at the 2010 CrossFit Games, where it will be determined who is the most fit man, woman, and team.

"The CrossFit Games is like the Olympics," said Petranek. "You had to qualify first at sectionals, then compete against the people that qualified at sectionals at regionals and then the people that qualify at regionals get to go to the games."

Keep in mind only four men and four women total were picked from California, Arizona, Alaska and Hawaii combined.

"All four of the women are from Southern California," said Petranek. "There are also about 80 teams competing out of 1,700 global affiliates like this team from Kentucky."

A ticket to the event costs $75, but is good for all three days at the Home Depot Center in Carson. Winners receive $25,000 and are announced on Sunday.

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