Few incidents reported at Audiotistic rave

SAN BERNARDINO, Calif. The tens of thousands of people expected to attend had to be ready to show their identification.

As of midnight, 10 people needed medical attention, all of them due to the heat.

One person was arrested for drug charges, while a second person was arrested for robbery.

Many of the young people in the crowd approved of the age limit set.

"I'm totally for it," said Mondo Valencia, who was on his way to the rave. "There are so many irresponsible children out there, so many irresponsible parents. It's awesome that they're enforcing it."

Stephanie Gonzalez, who also attended the rave, doesn't agree.

"I have a bunch of friends that are 17, 16 and it's like, why can't they come?" she said. "It's not anything bad, it's a concert. I just don't think it's really a good idea."

Audiotistic's promoters are the same ones who put on last month's deadly /*Electric Daisy Carnival*/ at the /*Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum*/. They voluntarily raised the age limit after a teen died from a drug overdose.

Ecstasy is the drug of choice at the large electronic dance music parties.

Extra officers were on patrol in the area, including horse-mounted officers, to watch over the massive crowd.

"I believe (tickets) went on sale for all ages, and then it was limited after the Los Angeles incident," said Lt. Gwendolyn Waters with the /*San Bernardino Police Department*/. "We're really going to be on the lookout to see what additional impact that may have tonight."

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