Baby pygmy hippo makes debut at Poland zoo

POLAND The young male hippo was born two weeks ago. It now weighs 11 pounds, but it could eventually grow to reach a weight of 825 pounds.

The baby hippo's name, if decided upon, has yet to be revealed. Its mother's name is Elpunia and its father's name is Carlos.

Female hippos are more numerous than males, and so the birth of a male is a significant event.

Miroslaw Piasecki of Wroclaw Zoo said that only four pygmy hippo cubs have been born in European zoos this year and all of them were female.

The Pygmy Hippopotamus is native to the forests and swamps of western Africa, mostly in Liberia.

Due to shrinking of its habitat, as well as hunting and poaching, it has become an endangered species. The estimated 3,000 pygmy hippopotamus are living in the wild.

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