'Secretariat' cast inspired by true story

LOS ANGELES Actress Diane Lane takes a step back in time in the new fact based drama, "Secretariat."

She plays Penny Chenery, the woman who owned the racehorse that went on to win the Triple Crown in 1973, as well as, the hearts of America.

"There was Vietnam and Watergate, a lot of negativity going on," said Lane. "So 'Secretariat' was this wonderful American export all over the world that we could just drop all of our negativity. We could stop and smell the roses of what joy looks like in a four-legged creature expressing himself."

Kevin Connolly plays Bill Nack, the journalist who helped document the "Secretariat" sensation.

And while the true star of this film is the 1200 pound horse that set race records that still stand today, the actor is quick to point out this film is not only for sports fans.

"It's not a horse movie, it's also a family movie too," said Connolly. "It's a competition. It's got the emotional aspect. There is something for everybody. It is nice to have a movie to take my nieces to go see."

John Malkovich also stars as Secretariat's trainer, which meant his scenes involved a lot of time at the track. But that doesn't mean he was really watching any races.

"The horses and the races are filmed separately to us. So when we react to a race we're just watching an AD move a stick," said Malkovich. "It was still quite fun even though we weren't really watching real horses. No other horse could ever be like that. There's only one."

"Secretariat" is rated-PG.

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